Facial aesthetics after tumor surgery

Advanced tumor diseases of the head and neck region are often accompanied by extensive surgery for resection and plastic reconstruction. Affected facial skull bones have to be reconstructed by microvascular reanastomized grafts, such as those from the fibula, the iliac crest or the scapula. In order to reduce intraoperative ischemia time, and to improve the postoperative functional and aesthetic result for the patients, CAD/CAM guided bone reconstructions are used today. In a research approach, we want to analyze our facial reconstruction skills in patients with severe head and neck cancer who required tumor resection and bonegraft. We implement a volume and morphometric analysis of pre- and postoperative CT scans. We idealize the preoperative scan by mirroring the patient’s healthy side and compare it with the 6-month postoperative scan. 46 patients are currently included in this single center clinical trial. We expect promising data to further improve our operational skills and to offer each patient the best functional and aesthetic result.